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Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Anyone who has visited Queen Elizabeth National Park will agree that the Kazinga Channel is an oasis for numerous wildlife and bird species found within this remarkable African Safari destination and undertaking a launch cruise along the water body is refreshing and offers enthusiastic tourists with the once in a lifetime opportunity of cruising just few meters from the school of Hippos, numerous Nile Crocodiles as well as large herds of elephants and Buffaloes wandering on the shoreline.

As earlier mentioned, Launch trips are conducted within the expansive Kazinga Channel-a 40 kilometer long natural water channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. The activity is usually conducted three to four times a day-lasts two hours and lasts two to three hours, but what you will see within this short time will leave you breathless and totally refreshed. The boat carries up to 40 passengers with each of them guaranteed of having a comfortable seat with a clear view of the water body as well as wildlife or bird species. You don’t have to worry about being able to identify and learn the details about the attractions you will encounter because there are normally professional guides on the boat who will offer all the detailed information concerning whatever you need to know in addition to answering the questions about animals, birds, plants or the water body itself.

If your dream has always been to see numerous Hippos during your safari, then participating in a launch cruise within Queen Elizabeth National Park will make that dream or wish come true because the Kazinga Channel offers shelter to the highest number of these giant mammals within the African Continent. Interestingly, an adult male Hippo weighs even twice the weight of a fully loaded Land Cruiser and are known to be non-swimmers but only bounce their massive bodies at the bottom of the water body.

Hippos usually stay under water to safe guard their delicate/sensitive skin and if you engage in an evening launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel or even night game drive, you will notice that there are few Hippos in water but instead most of them graze on land. The Afternoon boat ride allows tourists to spot large mammal species especially Buffaloes and Elephants on the shores of the Kazinga Channel as well as antelopes like Uganda Kobs and waterbucks that usually visit the shores in search of water to drink so as to quench their thirst.

Engaging in a boat/launch cruise within the Kazinga Channel is the only and most wonderful opportunity for enthusiastic birders because while here, they will encounter a wide range of beautiful bird species (totaling to 60 species) especially African fish eagles, Great and long tailed Cormorants, African Jacanas, Great white Pelicans, Open-billed storks, Black Crakes, African spoonbills, Martial Eagles, Papyrus gonolek, Saddle billed storks, Papyrus Canary, Pink-backed pelicans and the elusive shoebill stork soaring around the water surface.

In conclusion, boat trips along the Kazinga Channel of Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most adventurous and refreshing activities you should not miss to enjoy during your safari in Uganda.

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