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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour - 1 Day

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  • 1 day Ngamba Island chimpanzee tour.

This is a one day trip that takes you to Ngamba Island which is a chimpanzee sanctuary located in the interior of Lake Victoria. You can book to relax off your mind on this day with the adventure this chimp sanctuary in the midst of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.
These are marvelous creatures that share up to 97% of their DNA with humans. This is a soft adventure for visitors who have no time but still wish to explore Uganda. One can only grab this one time island experience within the shortest period.

Day 1
1 day Ngamba Island chimpanzee tour

Ngamba Island is located 23 km from Entebbe offshore; it is a forested island which is home to orphaned and juvenile chimpanzees that now freely enjoy this chilly island. The island is a habitat to variety of tree species, water birds, and reptile species such as snakes, lizards, plus the beautiful scenery of the landscape.

Visitors can have close encounter with the chimps within their natural environment. These chimps are best viewed during their eating time from 11am to 3pm when they come to the walkways which are well designed to offer best opportunities for photography.

The tour begins right from Entebbe at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center by encountering the monkeys, tree species both natural and planted, architecture of the place and the impressive water birds among other interesting species.

Accessing the island is by either a speed boat or motorized canoe and there are only two shifts of boat transfers to Ngamba for the visitors; one is at 9am to 10am and 12pm to 1pm. It is advisable that one books in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.

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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour