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Mountain Rwenzori Hiking Tour - 8 Days


  • Day 1: Transfer to Kasese from Kampala
  • Day 2: Climb to Nyabitaba via the Bakonjo homestead
  • Day 3: Nyabitaba hut to Mubuku River
  • Day 4: Enter the lower Bigo Bog
  • Day 5: Mount Stanley
  • Day 6:Climbing to the summit Magharita
  • Day 7: Climb Mount Stanley
  • Day 8: Departure


Mountain Rwenzori is one of the Block Mountains in Africa, situated on the boarder of Uganda and Democratic republic Of Congo. This mountain is a trans-boundary resource which is shared by two countries. The mountain is also a national’s park which is included among the UNESCO heritage sites for the conservation of its natural beauty. Hiking on this mountain is one of the best hiking experiences in Africa, because it is the third highest peak in Africa with a snow capped. The 8 days hiking adventure on Rwenzori is remarkable for both experienced and inexperienced hikers.

Day 1
Day 1: Transfer to Kasese from Kampala

Transfer from Kampala to Kasese will be via Queen Elizabeth national park, set off on the southern road meet the royal drum makers, and have some stop over at the Equator for photography and some refreshment proceed to Rwenzori while watching out for the wild games in Queen Elizabeth national park. Dinner and overnight will be at; Equator Snow lodge, Ihamba safari lodge or Ruboni community campsite

Day 2
Day 2: Climb to Nyabitaba via the Bakonjo homestead

On this day take breakfast in the morning, head to the Rwenzori national park and the mountaineering services office at Nyakalengija. It is for you to rent equipments for hiking and un availed for guides. The hike will begin at the headquarters which is about 1646m and walk in the muddy and wattle trail then to the Bakonjo homes through the elephant grass. This trip always has the sounds or voices of the primates and birds. Dinner and overnight will be at Nyabitaba Hut which is about 2652m

Day 3
Day 3: Nyabitaba hut to Mubuku River

On this day you will move to John Matte hut which is about 3380m. Crossing to Bujuku and Mubuku rivers then turning right of the bridge is where the climb of the central circuit begins in an anticlockwise direction which is much difficult and adds danger for both the porters and the hikers. It is here that hikers have to go steadily under the bamboo forest. At least after 5 hours from Nyabitaba you will reach Nyamuleju hut. Your dinner and overnight will be at Nyabitaba

Day 4
Day 4: Enter the lower Bigo Bog

After crossing the river you enter the lower Bigo Bog, home of giant lobelias. You will jump from tussock to tussock. This bog is always crossed but rarely without the feet sampling a freezing signal below. The upper Bigo bog leads to Bujuku Lake offering a beautiful view of Mount Baker at the south and mount Stanley in the west. The Bujuku hut is situated in the shadow of the Mount Baker and mount Speke. This is a spectacular setting but always very cold. Dinner and overnight at Bujuku hut.

Day 5
Day 5: Mount Stanley

Climb the steep slopes after leaving Bujuku through the bog, to west of the lake passing the Groundsels gully as it ascends to Scott-Elliot which is at about 4372m. a head of the gully a metal ladder takes you to the steep part and there it the trail splits in to two. These trails the one at the right leads to Elena Hut where mount Stanley is on the steep trail with large boulders. Then the one on the left leads to Scott. Elliot passes and down to Kitandara lakes. Dinner and overnight will be at Basic Elena hut but it’s always very cold and icy at night so hikers are to be prepared for this temperatures.

Day 6
Day 6: Climbing to the summit Magharita

On this day climbing to Magharita which is 5109m this continues to the base of the Stanley Glacier. This walk will depend on the weather and the individual but it usually takes four to seven hours to reach Magharita. This is where the best experience is got and it is tough, walking over three glaciers, slippery rock, ice and very expose areas on many sides. On this stage it requires physical fitness and technical climbing which needs roping up, crampons and equipments for coldness, wind and icy conditions. The best experience for this final stage needs at least 4 hikers and two guides. Due to the conditions, weather scramble up to the summit of Magharita not everybody can make it to the summit so don’t be embarrassed or disappointed if you can’t make it. After you return to scott-Elliot pass with the spectacular views of Lake Bujuku Lake and mount Speke, the snow to the Kitandara lakes. Once you are done, pass the trail that enters the alpine Zone of sparse vegetation and the rough boulders. Then descend to Kitandara hut for dinner and overnight.

Day 7
Day 7: Climb Mount Stanley

On this day, you will climb mount Stanley to Guy Yeoman which is 3260m. The trail ascends steeply on the headwall, from Mount Baker and continuing along the south side of the fresh field pass. When it’s a clear day you can have a view in to Congo in the west and Mountain Stanley to the north. From the fresh field pass you will descent on the long muddy trail, passing through the rocks shelter at Bujangolo, to the base camp of the historic expedition of 1906 by Duke of Abruzzi. Dinner and overnight will beat Guy yeoman

Day 8
Day 8: Departure

After breakfast in the morning embark on a return to Kampala via Kasese, definitely you will reach Kampala in the late afternoon.

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Mountain Rwenzori Hiking Tour